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1000w laser cleaning system for rust removal

Features of 1000w laser cleaning system for rust removal

1000w laser cleaning system
1.Compact and versatile, the cleaning machine are designed for the cost-effective treatment
of small areas that require gentle high precision cleaning, de-coating and other surface treatments.
2.The basic system consists of the laser source, with controls and cooling, a fiber optic for beam delivery and a processing head. A simple main power supply is used for operation with a very low energy demand.
3.No other media is required for treating parts. These laser systems are easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free



Laser wavelength:1064nm
Laser Power:100W/200w
Laser source:Raycus
Operation Voltage:220V/AC
Operation system:Touch screen computer
Operating Ambient Temperature:0~40 degree
Storage Temperature:-10~60 degree
Cooling Method:water cooling
Relative Humidity:10%~96%
Gun type: safety standard for EU market.

the handheld laser cleaner provides surface preparation technology that’s both efficient and remarkably versatile for a growing list of industrial applications. Whether the surface is metallic, plastic, ceramics, glass, stone or concrete, the results speak for themselves.

1.Complete paint removal, Cleaning of large molds, Weld seam pre-treatment
2. Pre-coating surface preparation / contaminant removal
3. Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding, Nuclear de-contamination
4. Fast removal of rust/oxides, oil, grease & production residues
5. Industrial, military, & shipyard – production intensive de-coating

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