handheld inkjet printer
12.7mm height handheld barcode inkjet printer
March 7, 2020
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Handheld dot pin marking machine for metal
March 7, 2020
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25mm letter height hand inkjet printer

25mm letter height hand inkjet printer

hand inkjet printer

inkjet printing materials can print the barcode, text or image you need on board, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic product, electronic, the fiber board, light steel keel, aluminum foil, etc. You have a variety of printing needs.The portable design allows you to print anywhere, and it can be fixed in a stable position to efficiently print high-definition text, barcodes or pictures


Model:ZEJP-1684 inkjet printer
Printing height:2~25.4mm(adjustable)
Control panel:Touch screen
Save information:Local or U disk
Weight:0.9 KG
Printing accuracy:300 DPI
External interface:USB,Photoelectric interface, charging interface
Cartridge capacity:72 ml*2
Shell material:Sheet metal
Battery capacity:2200 mAh
Printer size:120*241*100mm
External photoelectric:Support
Nozzle: 42 ml:19*19 mm /72 ml:19*33 mm
Ink color:Black,White,Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,Invisible
Language(English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
Printing material:Wood, cardboard, stone, MDF, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, cloth, pearl cotton, etc.

This handheld inkjet printer can print digital, English, production date, batch number, QR code, pattern, LOGO and other marks directly on the non-metal or metal product or the package. The printer also prints the QR code and has the effect of anti-counterfeiting and traceability.

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