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March 7, 2020
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200w mini jewelry laser welding machine

200w mini jewelry laser welding machine

jewelry laser welding machine

1. Whole machine adopted ergonomics design. It can better meet jewelry industry’s
requirements on precision, beautiful, stable performance, long time and constant processing.
2. Big inner space, it is convenient for placing tools and fixtures.
3. the mini jewelry laser welding machine is equipped with electric focusing mechanism, digital scale reading display, regulating switch
for laser parameters, it operates more smoothly.
4. It is easy to replace dust screen, clean working area and recycle welding slag.
5. With the LED lamp which can be highlighted and 10x microscope, the observation on welding
position is much clearer.
6. More precise light spot, it meets the requirement of precision welding.
7. New Design:Pure white design highlights the similicity of beauty.
8. Real manufacturer:80% of the parts of the jewelry laser welding machine are designed by
9. Easy operation:Control board with ccd camera all in one.

1. Laser Power: 100W
2. Laser Type: YAG
3. Laser wavelength: 1064NM
4. Max single pulse Energy: 100
5. Pulse Width: 0.1-10ms
6. Frequency: 0-20HZ
7. Welding depth: 0.1-2mm
8. Spot size: 0.1-3mm
9. Power Consumption: 1kw
10. Power Supply: AC220±5%/50HZ/110V/60HZ
11. Cooling method: Built-in Water Cooling
12. New Weight: 28.6G
13. Gross Weight: 40KG
14. Machine Dimension: 510x290x280mm
15. Package: 560x340x380mm

Platinum, Karat Gold, Silver, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Cooper, Aluminum, other metal and alloy.
Widely applicable to all kinds of micro parts of precision welding, such as: Jewelry, electronics,
Dental,watches, military.

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