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April 12, 2020
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April 12, 2020
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mini 3w uv laser marking system for plastic

mini 3w uv laser marking system for plastic feature

uv laser marking system

The 355nm wavelength UV laser has extemely small size spot, it can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of material,
and reduce heat effect on work piece. Based on the general laser marking function by fiber laser and CO2 laser, it is mainly
used on super fine marking and surface marking on fragile and thin texture items.
1.Perfect laser beam quality, smaller focused spot size, ultra-fine marking, and the minimum character can up to 0.2mm.
2. 355nm outgoing wavelength makes it small heat-affected area without thermal effects and burning problem.
3. Motorized up down table, auto focusing, and rotating functions are optional.
4. High speed and high precision.
5. Stable working performance without consumable material, small size and easy operation.

Output Power:3W, 5W,7W
Laser Source:UV Laser Gain Laser, Huaray
Laser Wavelength:355nm
Beam Quality:<TEM00(m2)
Repeat Frequency:10khz— 100khz
Pulse Energy:2mJ
Beam Divergence:-0.3 to +0.3mrad
Laser Class:IV
Marking Scope:100x100mm(optional)
Linear Speed:800 character/ s
Marking Linear Speed:≤12,000mm/s
Min. Line Width:0.012mm
Min. Character Size:0.15mm
Repeat Accuracy:±0.003mm
Input Power:0.5kw
Electrical Source:220V / Single-Phase Circuit / 50/60Hz /4A

*Steel and Stainless steel
*Bare and Cast Aluminum
*Gold and Silver
Laser marking on Jwelery,Artwork,Billboard,Furniture,Garment,Medical Instruments,Automotive,Consumer Goods,Electronics Parts and Giftware etc;

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